A little something about me...

Hi all, my name is Shay and welcome. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and still reside there today. I love LA... how can you beat this weather? My whole life I have struggled with my health and weight as so many people have. I have always been the common person addicted to the American Diet. My family was just another group of many that were brainwashed by the food companies. We were always eating unhealthy foods that would be detrimental to our health, but we didn't know any better. As I got older and finally on my own, I strayed even farther. I used to eat fast food 2-3 times a week, go out to restaurants a lot and waste so much of my food at home by letting it go bad. I needed a change, and not just in a diet that was temporary or would leave me a little lighter on my feet, but one that would allow me to recapture my health. I needed a total revamp of my health and eating habits. The opportunity presented itself...

On May 2nd, 2014, a friend of mine introduced me to The Paleo Diet. (My 30 day Paleo challenge). I have always struggled with my health, let alone my weight, especially the business I'm in. I am a Hollywood Teamster in the entertainment biz and I drive the big trucks to and from the sets hauling the heavy equipment used by the production to film for TV and Movies. It is always difficult and a struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to the long hours and the lack of healthy foods available. 

When I started to research the 30 Day Paleo Challenge, I found myself questioning my knowledge about food and what food does once inside my body. I have been brainwashed my entire life thinking the American Diet was healthy, and this was my wake up call. I am so fortunate that I answered.

Before I began the 30 day challenge, my blood pressure was 140/95 in my sleep, and my low density lipo-protein(LDL-Bad Cholesterol) was a whopping 378, and my high density lipo-protein(HDL-Good Cholesterol) was a very low 7. "A walking heart attack waiting to happen," as my doctor puts it. 

Let me back up a bit... In 2002 I had a blood clot in my right leg, behind my right knee. I woke up one morning and my leg was blue from my knee down. My wife rushed me to the hospital were they did an angiogram and discovered I had a blood clot hidden in the back of my knee. After the successful arterial bypass graft surgery, I was told that I have a blood disease called Antiphospholipid Syndrom. Basically, it means my blood coagulates(clots) faster than the average normal persons would, so I have to take Coumadin everyday to maintain it. Since the surgery, my leg has been swollen and inflamed everyday. Even when I would lose some weight, it didn't matter, it was always swollen. My body was constantly inflamed. I have also had quite a few problems with my ligaments and tendons hurting. I've had 5 surgeries on my shoulders and elbows, both with a lingering pain that I couldn't kick because of the inflammation. 

Since transitioning the Paleo lifestyle, my body has been through such a transition that I was not expecting. All my pains are gone. I have no inflammation any more,and for the first time since 2002 my right leg looks just like my left, normal. I have so much more energy and sleep like a rock. I literally feel F'N fantastic! Like I was a teenager again. I am really excited to share my experiences with everyone who is interested in recapturing their health, weight management and overall control of your unhealthy lifestyle. 

I've lost over 60 pounds so far, but more importantly my quality of life has improved greatly. Now I have an average blood pressure, my bad cholesterol is below average, and my good cholesterol is perfect. Check back from time to to time, ill be posting all my recipes and you might like one.