My First 30 Days Transitioning to a Paleo Lifestyle

When I was introduced to The Paleo 30 Day Challenge, I knew no one on this planet that was Paleo, or had even heard of it except for my friend who had been doing it for 2 weeks and thought I might benefit from it. I have never heard it come up in any discussions in any crowd of people I knew, ever, so this was very new to me. Everything I learned, I did on my own with reading and looking a lot of info up. I felt like I would break Google with all the searching I did on May 2nd. I wish i had know about all the great support groups out there, it would have been so much easier for me.

So let's get right into it. May 3rd, 2014 was my first day. It was a little difficult for me during the first couple of days. I was searching and finding all the ingredients needed for some of the few recipes I had read about and thought I would like. I felt I was having food withdrawals or something. I was not ready to feel like this was but I was told by the person who introduced me to Paleo that I would have some discomfort while resetting my hormones. That is what you are doing, so don't get discouraged or worried, it is normal and it will last longer the more damage you have done to your body, but it will pass. My diet before consisted of The American Diet. I ate fast food and mostly peocessed foods for the majority of my life. My body waqs in Havoc and always trying to heal itself.

Week 1: The first week was the most difficult, I thought. As I was detoxing and going through the sugar withdrawals, I was making many, many trips to the markets. I definitely had some frustrating moments. I would find a recipe that I really wanted to try making, only to discover I didn't have all the ingredients. So back and forth from market to market to try and find the ingredients for a few recipes. The first week was pretty hectic considering I was feeling like shit, my body ached and I had no idea how to cook. I knew how to make scrambled eggs, mac n cheese and pasta, that was it. I found the basics were helping, eggs for breakfast, chicken or beef for lunch and dinner and always accompanied by a small salad. I stuck to the basics. I didn't even know what spices were either, I only owned 2... Salt & Pepper.

Week 2: Week 2 was even worse. I don't want to scare anyone off, but during the 2nd week I was nauseated constantly, had bad cramps and was constipated the entire week. My skills in the kitchen were getting better though(acumilating many cuts from chopping and prepping), but this time it was the body, it was in total dismay. I had really done a lot of damage eating the way I did my entire life, with no consistent exercise either, so there was a lot of healing and resetting to do. After struggling the entire week, on day 13 I called my friend who introduced me and I told him how bad I was feeling and my discomfort, even my constipation(how embarrassing). I told him I wanted to go to the doctor the next day because I was worried about a few problems, being the constipation the most. I had never had it that bad before, even after 5 surgeries and all the anesthesia. This time it scared me. He talked me off the ledge sort-to-speak, and assured me that it would pass. He was so calm about it too. He had been doing it for about 3 weeks now so I could only trust what he said. He didnt eat as bad as me, but still ate the American Diet. Later, I searched around looking to see if anyone else had these symptoms while starting the 30 day Paleo challenge. Sure enough I found a few. To my surprise, there was many who had minor to major discomfort during their transition. on day one, and even some for weeks. It settled me down a bit knowing there were others out there with similar issues. I can tell you that on day 14, it all happened on that day. I went to the restroom and felt like I had been restarted. All my pains were gone. My stomach discomforts and cramps, all gone. I felt like a million bucks!! I forgot to mention that I had suffered with heartburn and acid re-flux for the past 20 years, everyday. I always have a bottle of water on my night stand so when I woke up in the middle of the night choking on my pukey tasting fire, I would chug the water as fast as possible as it burned. and then I was able to go back to sleep. Once all of my ailments litellay disappeared, I knew on was on the right path to a healthier life and felling better, which means a better of quality of life.

Week 3 was absolutely awesome, and so much fun. I was experimenting with a lot of recipes, and I was beginning to build my ingredients arsenal. Once i found the recipes I liked, I cooked and cooked. I went out and bought myself a decent Santoku knife(my first knife I've ever bought). I was a chopping machine. I started to love prepping and cutting into foods. I never knew I would like this until I had to make and cook everything. I gave myself so many slices and cuts, not knowing how to keep my fingers out of the way. I went through a lot of band-aids that week. Practice makes perfect right?

Week 4 was phenomenal. I was already pounds lighter, my body was responding so well to the restart, my joints were felling great and pain free and all my ailments were gone. Food and my health became an important factor in my life now. I now always say, "The most important thing, should matter most." that being your health. "If you ruin your body, where are you going to live?" I will always thank my friend Matt G. for introducing me to Paleo and changing my life, and most likely prolonging it. At the end of my 30 day paleo challenge, I was down 25 pounds, all my clothes were too loose to wear(YAY!! clothes shopping!) and I felt unstoppable. I am so excited to share my experience with everyone and help anyone who wants to recapture and/or regain their health.